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Portrait Painting
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Loveless can create the unimaginable for you and your family! 
by James Loveless Jr.
22" X  28"
This oil painting was commissioned by a loving son of his Dad.
James was able to show this newlywed bride some great possibilities from an ordinary 5" X 7" photograph so the couple would be able to cherish their wedding day forever...
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The cost and size of the portrait depends on the number of people and the detail involved in painting the background. Design concept of the portrait is at the final discretion of the artist. Time frame for completion, framing and shipping is variable based upon James' workload at the time you inquire. 
Afternoon Tea

by James Loveless Jr. 30" X 30".  This painting was the concept of a proud grandmother. These three girls are the youngest of eight grandchildren. This oil painting was commissioned by Sam and Royette Hance and remains in their collection.  

Daniel's Bride
by James Loveless Jr.
40" X 30" Oil on canvas.

This portrait was a creative idea of this newlywed groom. Unfortunately, after a wonderful trip on the island of Fiji, Daniel had someone take a photo on a rainy evening during their trip.

Portrait Procedures
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Please complete the questionnaire (below).  Each original portrait is custom designed to fit your personal request.  The number of people, size, background, framing and shipping determines the portrait price.  Use the "Buy Now" - Bill Me Later PayPal Payment Option to buy your portrait.  You have up to six months to pay on your portrait with no interest!  
After Church by James Loveless 22" X 28. Oil on panel
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James has hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the United States and seventeen countries. One his most recent portraits is of Chico Vega of Johnny Moore's Drifters. Just click any of the images above to see them at full size.  You can also create a memorable portrait for you and your family!
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Oil Portraits
The oil paint will be brushed on canvas or hardboard, based on the size of your artwork. You will love your completed portrait and it will be something you can cherish for a long time.  A family portrait can be handed down from generation to generation to serve as a keepsake for your children and grandchildren.

Please call us at. 817-841-7625 and ask for Yvette Loveless.  

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The theme you choose gives your portrait a beautiful presentation and can add historical or cultural significance.
​Please call 817-841-7625 for more information.  We have the ability to create canvas giclees from the original portrait we paint for you and you can share it. 
Call us now to find out how you can get an original portrait: 817-841-7625.
If you are interested in having an illustration painted. Click here to complete questionnaire.

Bring back special memories with a family portrait!
We paint portraits from photos.
We paint portraits from photos.
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Oil paintings by James Loveless Jr.
Commission a corporate portrait.
Dr. Dorothy 
by James Loveless Jr., 22" X 28" oil on canvas
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Would you like a specific background in your portrait?  Some samples would include a room or an outdoor scene.
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Be advised that the completion date for your portrait is based on the number of portraits ahead of you, the number of people in your portrait and whether you request background and/or framing.  Framing, shipping and sales tax are extra  from the deposit and portrait fee.
Will  you be able to mail us a 5" X 7" or 8" X 10" of your photographs so we can use them as a reference?
We require a non-refundable deposit (based on your request, the amount is determined by the artist).  We will email you a composite from your photographs that you will  approve.  Every additional revision will cost extra, depending on the detail of your revision.   We accept debit cards for your payment.  Half of payment is due to start the original portrait and the balance due after you receive a digital image of the completed portrait. 
Don't wait to purchase the portrait you have always wanted. We offer PayPal "Bill Me Later" to make a beautiful oil portrait available to everyone.
Portrait Pricing is $4.00 per sq. in.
Love Blossoms 
by James Loveless Jr.
24" X 30"
This oil painting was presented as a surprise to her husband. Her hard-working husband never knew the portrait was being painted.  
Lindsey and Daisey
by James Loveless 14" X 11". Oil on panel
Response from owner of portrait:
“What a beautiful painting!!! I absolutely love it! Thank you sooooooo much!!!
Thank you again and know that I really love the final portrait. It is amazing and gorgeous. I hope my hubby likes it too.

by James Loveless Jr.
16" X  20"
This oil painting was commissioned by a grandfather.
Yvette Loveless

I just want to encourage you to think outside the box and when you want an original gift for a loved-one, consider having an original oil portrait painted by James Loveless.  It will be something memorable you can pass down through generations!