man playing piano
african praise dancers
women dancing with scarf
Motown meets hip hop
Easy E
Left Eye
Marvin Gaye
Big Pun
Black Music Art - 2
Against All Odds                                
by J.C. Bakari 
Open Edition print 
34" X 17" - print: $45.00
38" X 21" - wood frame: $330.00

Tango Argentino         
Open Edition print 
20" X 28" - print: $40.00
24" X 32" - wood frame: $330.00

Amber Dream                        
by Bill Brauer
Open Edition print: $45.00
37" X 22" - wood frame: $330.00

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Enchanted Evening           
by Clay Wright        
Open Edition print 
32” X 26” - print: $45.00
36" X 30" - wood frame $330.00

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In the Key of Life
by Ernest E. Varner II         
Limited Edition/850
Signed & Numbered
21" X 27" - print: $150.00
25" X 31" - wood frame: $406.00

Ernest E. Varner II 
Ernest E. Varner, II began his formal study of art in high school. There, he benefited from a strong art program that included portraiture classes in soft pastels, watercolor, and oils. He also studied painting and drawing at Hunter Art Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He participated in his first art show at Hunter and sold his first piece of artwork entitled "i."

Varner attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a major in art. Although he had been drawing and painting since his childhood, becoming a professional artist wasn't a serious option for African-Americans at that time. The war in Vietnam and the draft also played an important role in his decision to join the Reserve Officers' Training Corps and change his major to psychology. 

Joining the military gave Varner an opportunity to pursue his passion for painting and drawing wherever his career took him. He took great pleasure in making his classrooms the galleries and museums throughout the world. When he could not find teachers, he would purchase videos and books on the "old masters" and well known contemporary artist. He would compare what they taught to works by the masters in museums throughout the world from the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., to the Louvre in Paris, France.

Varner is currently an art instructor at a local university and teaches portrait drawing and painting classes at three art establishments throughout greater Atlanta.  Varner was once quoted as saying that: "We are at out best when we are being creative. It is at this point when we are most like our Creator."

A Family-Owned, Christian business...

Loveless Galleries prides itself on being a family-owned, Christian business. Yvette enjoys
telling the story of how
James walked in an 
office where she was 
working.  At that time, 
James worked at FedEx as a courier and asked Yvette to sign for a package. Of course, she refused to sign to keep him in the office as long as she could!
To make a long story short.....they married four months later!   Please enjoy shopping at Loveless Galleries and feel free to call to place your orders by phone.  Cell apps also available!
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Cool Jazz         
by Sarah Jenkins    
Open Edition 
32” X 20” - print: $45.00
36" X 24" - wood frame $330.00

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Late Night Study
by cbabi bayoc
24” X 18” - print: $70.00
28" X 22" - wood frame: $270.00

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Ballerina Noir
by WAK
Limited Edition Canvas Giclee (25) 
24” X 18” - print: $750.00
28" X 22" - wood frame: $1080.00
​Two mats: (brown and buff)

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​Into the Night
Open Edition
31” X 12” - print - $49.99

Only one size available

 - New
Prince: 1958-2016
Open Edition Print
20" X 24" - $45.00
After Midnight 
Open Edition print -- Unframed

31" X 12"- $49.99

54" X 19" - $114.99

Two Sizes Available!

Larger Size
The Kiss
by WAK
Open Edition
36” X 24" - print - $45.00
36" X 24" - wood frame:  $294.00

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